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Dietmar West founded the modern psychology based on laws of nature. This also made psychology a natural science!

Dietmar West is the founder of the modern psychology, which is based on the natural laws description of the processes of life and of experience and behavior. He discovered several natural laws that determine life, experience and behavior. These are also listed in the PREFACE (to be selected in the menu). Due to the laws of nature discovered by Dietmar West, the science of life, experience and behavior (psychology) is comparatively at least on the level of physics after the discoveries of Isaac Newton.

Dietmar West is also the founder of the NATURAL SCIENCE! In this context, he is the first person to show and describe what MATHEMATICS is and that she is one part of the Natural Science (Science of Nature). Read about this at http://www.moderneswissen.de/E-Foundation-of-NATURAL-SCIENCE published on April 12th, 2022!

This picture was taken in the beginnings (around 1980) of his first discovery THE BASIC LAW OF THE POSTBIOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT-PROCESS OF THE HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS.

Diplomingenieur (FH) Dietmar Gustav West *(see below more to the biography)  discovered several natural laws that affect the LIFE and the EXPERIENCING and BEHAVING OF LIVING BEINGS. --> In the following three of them described in this homepage:

- or mentioned shortly:
(discovered in the years in 1980 / 1981.
 --> in the chapter Die postbiologische Entwicklung nearer described).)    

I describe and formulate mathematically the process and the fundamental nature-legal sizes and factors which one determine the process, which about 100.000 to 120.000 years ago, when the homo sapiens sapiens appeared on the earth, began.

             2.  THE BASIC LAW OF THE PSYCHOLOGY      
 (discovered in the year 1999, formerly approach-wisely)

THE BASIC LAW OF THE PSYCHOLOGY describes the fundamental nature-legal processes which form what we call psychology, namely the natural science indeed of the experience and behaviour.  (--> in the chapter Psychology - natural laws nearer described).

(discovered in the summer in 2004)           

The Principle of all Life describes the most basic (most fundamental) nature-legal processes which define the life. (--> in the chapter THE BASIC LAW OF ALL LIFE - The principle of all Life - nearer described.)

               4. THE REPRESSION LAW in the Psychology described in my homepage http://www.moderneswissen.de.


More about these natural laws you find under "INHALT - kurze Übersicht" (CONTENTS - short overview) and then in the following chapters on the single topics (to select to the left in the menu).


* Dietmar West

was born in Romania (Transylvania) as a son of German immigrants in the city of Schässburg (Romanian Sighisoara, Hungarian Segesvár) in the year 1939. Here he attended the "The School on the Hill", a formerly German grammar school which was degraded to a middle school after the second world war through the communists². The visit and the end (Matura) of this school justified the visit of colleges and universities in the Romanian People's Republic.

² A "sort" of people to those ones also Angela Merkel - the present chancellor of Germany - belonged, until she converted to the capitalism (see her biography in Wikipedia).

After the second world war the property of my parents (a business-house, residential buildings and ground), so as the property of the brothers of my father (the factory Daniel West and Sons, residential building and ground) became through the communists² expropriated.

I came into the Federal Republic of Germany in 1963. Here I studied at the State school of engineering in Aalen in WÜrttemberg from 1966 to 1969. This study and other education put me in the situation to carry on studies, as they led to the result ultimately to the discovery of several natural laws.

Postscript in January 2011

When I got away from the communism in the year 1963, I could not foresee that this would reach me again after years and indeed in the form of the political tart³ Angela Merkel, the present Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

³ A political tart is a person (here a woman), that every and most different regime and ideologies - communism or capitalism - serves, if it can draw personal benefit and personal advantages from that.


Encouraging me (Dietmar West) and for my works and discoveries direction-pointing quotations:

The nature is very practical, therefore their maxims must be simple!

Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832).

Why it is necessary, to bring down the basic concepts of scientific thinking from the platonic fields and to attempt, to uncover their earthly origin? Answer: in order to release these concepts from them taboo and to attain greater freedom in this way in the concept formation.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

... The sense of our venture is of not attempting to flee from the nature that nobody escapes, but penetrating them step by step more deeply by application of the sciences because she hasn’t given away, in spite of all philosophers, their secrets and because it would be maybe good to look into the things in before one misplaces the absolute thing into the clouds.

Jean Piaget (1896-1980)

Everything in science depends on a realization of what really lies at the basis of phenomena.

... And the law only can give us the freedom.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe


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